14_57_600_600_80_c-17-800-600-80KW Petroleum Services Ltd. was founded in 1982, and is headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Our philosophy is of continual striving for excellence, of constantly raising our standards.

A project is not complete until we are satisfied we have done the best job possible. Then, we look for ways to do the next one even better.


When you want to develop a site for your business a little forethought goes a long way.Planning is essential to a business that requires the skills of up to 18 different trades. We employ highly trained technicians – problem solvers, capable of moving projects ahead despite obstacles.We operate in Canada’s four western provinces and three northern territories, a geographical area larger than many countries. When the lack of a piece of equipment can mean weeks of delay, planning becomes critical.

Careful preparation means our projects are done quickly – in some cases over 50 per cent faster than our competition.

With this speed comes quality: we do it once’ we do it right. This commitment has made us a preferred supplier to some of Canada’s major petroleum and mining companies as well as many smaller businesses.

Our Mission Statement

“To provide our customer with the best quality and service for their dollar; our employee, the safest work environment with competitive remuneration; and our company, the respect and profitability it deserves in the community.”